Wagga Wagga School Switches to Solar and Scores Results

Lutheran Primary School in Wagga Wagga was established in 1982 and its student population has been growing rapidly ever since with the introduction of new buildings and new classrooms. Whilst these additions have facilitated a greater number of student enrolments, they also require more resources including power.

Like many schools, Lutheran Primary School was looking for an independent provider to identify the best way to reduce their electricity costs with minimal disruption to students.  ​

Verdia assessed all options and established that 30kW of solar PV and the installation of more than 500 LED lights would be the best way to generate savings and estimated almost 50% reduction in electricity costs.​

Since installation, results have been outstanding. Not only has the school saved a significant amount in electricity usage but they have also reduced tonnes of carbon emissions.

An Asset Performance report taken between September 2019 and November 2019 demonstrated that solar PV energy production was much higher than previously anticipated. Between these months, the school consumed more than 82% of its electricity from solar PV generated onsite and reduced more than 20 tonnes of carbon emissions. Their LED lighting generated almost 11,000kWh of energy savings and solar PV energy production was close to 14,000kWh.

Due to their new solar PV system, Lutheran Primary School used almost 30% less energy from the grid. The below graph demonstrated that actual solar PV production was 14.09% higher than the simulated production between September 2019 and November 2019.

Without deep experience of these kinds of projects, it’s easy to get tripped up and invest in a wrong, or at least sub-optimal solution. With the solution up and running, the cost savings are exceeding our expectations – we’re saving not just the amount we expected, but the amount we hoped. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Verdia to another school or business.

David Shaw, Business Manager

It has been estimated that since the installation of solar PV and LED lights, Lutheran Primary School has saved almost $50,000 in electricity bills.

Data indicates that current grid electricity use (dark blue bars) decreased by 52.79% compared to pre-solar grid consumption (red bars).

The graph below also demonstrates some impressive numbers, showing the average weekly energy consumption and PV production at the school between September and November 2019. Recorded PV production on weekdays is 94% consumed, while weekends achieve about 50% consumed on site with the remaining energy exported to the grid.

Lutheran Primary School is just one of the many success stories that we are  proud to tell at Verdia.

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