Tailored Financing for Best’s Great Western

Best’s Great Western started in 1866 and boasts a historic collection of some of Australia’s oldest and most significant vineyards.

For more than 150 years, Best’s Great Western has been producing world-class wines in Victoria’s Great Western region as one of Australia’s oldest and continuously family-owned and operated wineries.

The Problem

Maintaining such significant vineyards requires a lot of resources including power. Unavoidable hazards such as frost play havoc on grapevines at certain times of the year, as the buds and shoots contain water which freezes and expands, bursting their cell walls and destroying them in minutes.

With multiple acres of vineyards to take care of, Best’s Great Western needed to put steps in place to make sure they had all the resources necessary to combat risk and reduce any impact on their loyal customers.

The Solution

One of the steps that Best’s Great Western put in place was the installation of solar PV to help provide them with additional power as well as ensuring a more sustainable footprint.

It was not a hard decision to make once the Australian family-owned winery discovered that the switch to solar power would reduce electricity costs by 58% and save 99 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

Verdia helped Best’s Wines secure tailored, low-cost funding from the Westpac Energy Efficient Finance Program and the funding went towards the installation of 70kW of solar PV, which will generate 94MWh of electricity each year.

The solar installation has reduced energy use by 31% and will provide savings for up to 25 years.

Ben Thomson, the Managing Director of Best’s Great Western, said that “Verdia was recommended by Middy’s Tech Energy due to their financing experience and understanding of energy efficient equipment.  We had been trying to get this off the ground for over 12 months.”

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