Tackling the problem of poor quality solar panels and equipment

Did you know that there are more than 15,000 different solar panels certified for use in Australia from 218 different manufacturers? Do you know which ones are poor quality solar panels? Panels from a single provider could be badged the same, but may have been manufactured in different factories, using different processes and different materials. In some cases, manufacturers may purchase out-of-date materials and mix them with new materials to create solar panels which look the same, but simply don’t last.

The Verdia team has a keen eye for quality solar panels, so we particularly enjoyed reading Nigel Morris’s article this week in One Step Off The Grid, titled The great Australian solar conundrum and the dumbing down on quality. Nigel captures the issue and unpacks it in some detail. He points out that there are many reputable companies doing the right thing, but also many that are not. And the impact of those doing the wrong thing is huge; “The saddest part is, even though they are few in number, I would estimate that perhaps as many as 50% of Australian solar consumers are being duped into buying cheap, dumb solar by these carpet baggers.”

Verdia’s mission is to accelerate Australia’s transition to clean, renewable energy sources. Helping our commercial, industrial and government customers to avoid the pitfalls of poor quality solar panels, is critical to achieving this. One way we are tackling the issue is through our national network of accredited equipment providers and installers, carefully assessed for quality and integrity. Only Verdia accredited partners can use the badge below.

Additionally, when you work with Verdia you get a deeply experienced team to identify the energy projects that will deliver the best results for your business; manage the procurement process; and oversee the installation. We also provide long-term asset management to ensure that the system installed continues to deliver the expected results into the future.

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