Sustainable Transport & Zero-Emissions Buses

With the transport sector contributing 18.9% of Australia’s emissions, a transition to Sustainable Transport solutions is a natural next step for our society.

A switch to Sustainable Transport provides better air quality, lower noise pollution and reduces our reliance on fossil fuels. Increasing the uptake of Sustainable Transport supports Australia in achieving its international emissions targets and is crucial for achieving a renewable economy.

The NSW Government has revealed a funding package ahead of the next budget, including a commitment to transition the entire government vehicle fleet to all-electric models by 2030.

The Benefits

Verdia’s Sustainable Transport services deliver solutions for emission-free transportation. Our solutions include upgrades to infrastructure and depots, delivery and operation of chargers DER (Solar), Energy storage, Microgrid and VPP all available under an innovative commercial model (Energy as a Service).

Sustainable Transport solutions (such as zero-emissions buses and fleet vehicles) have a variety of financial, social and environmental benefits. Verdia’s Sustainable Transport solutions can help you deliver sustainable, clean, quiet and modern transport for your customers, personnel and goods, while improving air quality, reducing emissions and providing long-term cost savings.

Emissions-Free transport for customers, personnel, and goods

Lower operating costs, long-term financial benefits and reduced exposure to fuel prices

Community benefits from improved air quality and less noise pollution

Zero-CapEx options

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Verdia can help you determine the feasibility of Sustainable Transport for your organisation and develop the business case for investment. Once approved, we can design and deliver your project to ensure you achieve your energy savings goals.

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