Leading Adelaide Catholic School slashes electricity bills and reduces carbon footprint with solar PV

St Michael’s College, a leading Catholic School in Adelaide, has reduced its grid electricity consumption and carbon emissions by 45%.

With over 1,800 students across its Primary Campus at Beverley and Secondary Campus at Henley Beach, the school was looking for a way to reduce energy costs as well as their carbon footprint.

The school partnered with Australian energy services business Verdia to install more than 250kW solar PV across both campuses and upgrade classrooms with 1,450 energy efficient LED lights.

More than 800 solar panels were positioned on the campus rooftops to harness the energy of the sun and so far the results have spoken for themselves.

The new solar PV system will export up to 115MWh to the grid during weekends and school holidays, reducing the school’s grid power consumption by 410MWh each year.

This is the equivalent of taking 122 cars off Australian roads or planting over 5,600 tree seedlings a year.

Grid electricity consumption has also dropped by 45%, saving enough energy to power 73 Australian homes.

Moreover, it is expected that St Michael’s College will reduce its existing energy bill by 55%, saving over $90,000 in electricity costs in the first year and $2.3m over 20 years.

Through communication and coordination with Verdia, the project was financed by BankSA who also provided ongoing term facility to ensure that the school did not pay a dollar out of their own cashflow.

Dominic LoBasso, St Michael’s College Business Manager, described the decision to go ahead with the project as a ‘no-brainer’ when he was told that installing solar PV and upgrading to LED lights would not only cost nothing upfront but would generate savings that would cover the cost of all repayments.

So you’re telling me: I can install solar and upgrade my lights to LED and it will not only not cost anything up front but the savings will more than cover my repayments? It’s a no-brainer!

Dominic LoBasso, Business Manager at St Michael's College

Verdia is proud to be helping the education sector switch to renewable and more efficient energy resources.

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