Reach Net-Zero

At the heart of Verdia is our mission to accelerate Australia’s transition to a renewable economy. We believe that human-induced climate change is real, but with positive action we can mitigate its impact.

Australia is under increasing pressure to commit to a target of net-zero emissions by 2050 with many Australian businesses already demonstrating leadership by making this commitment to achieve net-zero emissions in both their operations and their supply chains. We can help you reach your net-zero emissions goals too.

Clean Energy Future

As a nation, we are becoming increasingly aware of our emissions and reducing our carbon footprint at all levels. The Australian government, Australian business/industry and the public are all trying to reduce emissions as we get closer to a clean energy future.

The projects we deliver will help you reach your targets by reducing your electricity and grid energy consumption with Energy as a Service.

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Negative Cost To Reduce Emissions

There are many ways for a business to reduce or offset carbon emissions and achieve your targets, with some coming at a greater cost than others.

Offsetting emissions through the purchase of ACCUs or LGCs come at a cost (currently of around $20 per t-CO2). Installing Solar, Energy Storage, or Microgrids can deliver emissions reduction at significantly negative cost where you not only reduce your emissions but experience a cost saving as well.

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Verdia can help you determine the feasibility of commercial Solar PV and/or Energy Storage for your organisation and develop the business case for investment. Once approved, we can design and deliver your project to ensure you achieve your energy savings goals.

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