Onsite solar PV

Installing commercial solar PV is a great way to reduce the amount of electricity you require from the grid and lower your energy costs. With on-site solar PV, you are not paying transmission and distribution costs for the electricity you generate, and you can hedge a portion of your energy use against future price increases.

On-site solar PV uses radiation from the sun to generate heat and converts it (via an inverter) to usable electricity on your premises. It is a clean, renewable form of energy with zero greenhouse gas emissions. Most of the electricity generated in Australia comes from burning coal, a process which produces significant greenhouse gas emissions.

In some locations, the excess electricity generated by on-site solar PV can be exported back to the grid and you can receive a feed-in tariff for the amount you supply.


is competitive

While energy prices have risen over the past five years, solar technology is more competitive than ever due to increased demand and resulting economies of scale in production.

Shorter payback periods and better finance options for commercial solar mean many businesses are turning to solar as a more cost-effective form of energy.


to an expert

Verdia can help you determine the feasibility of commercial solar for your organisation and develop the business case for investment. Once approved, we can design and deliver your project and provide asset monitoring services to ensure you achieve your energy savings goals.

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