Energy Storage

Combining solar with battery storage is a game-changer for businesses looking to reduce energy costs. Storage can be a great way to ensure you use all the renewable energy you generate (reducing spill) and have a supply of cheaper electricity available when the sun isn’t shining.

The energy stored in batteries can be quickly dispatched when you want to use it and, in some circumstances, can also be exported back into the grid to earn additional revenue.

Batteries also provide a back-up supply of electricity for use during power outages and can ensure your essential business operations can continue until power is restored.

Peak demand

for electricity

Some organisations use batteries to reduce their peak demand for electricity from the grid. Your peak is the highest amount of energy use (your ‘spike’ or ‘peak demand’) and this is used to calculate a portion of your electricity bills called a demand charge. ‘Peak shaving’ can lower your peak electricity demand and associated charges, helping to make the business case for energy storage more attractive.

In the future, increased affordability and shorter payback periods will make batteries a great way to offset the cost of grid-supplied electricity.


to an expert

Virtual Power Plants which aggregate electricity from lots of different sources (including batteries and demand response) offer the chance for organisations to sell the power they are generating or have stored on-site on the open market.  This extra supply during peak periods can be a great source of revenue for organisations with flexible demand or who are looking to maximise the value of their energy assets.

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