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We design, develop and deliver projects that can include:

Solar PV (Roof and Ground)

While energy prices have risen, solar technology is more affordable than ever. Shorter payback periods and better finance options mean many businesses are turning to solar as a more cost-effective form of energy.

Lighting Retrofits (LED)

Replacing old lights with newer, more efficient fittings can reduce the energy usage by more than half. Plus, LED lights can last considerably longer. To get the benefits, it’s important to select the right technology and provider.

Energy Storage (Batteries)

Combining solar with battery storage is a game-changer for businesses looking to reduce energy costs. Affordability and shorter payback periods will make batteries a great way to offset the cost of grid-supplied electricity.

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

Corporate and Behind-the-Meter PPAs offer the benefits of renewable electricity without investing your own capital. They provide greater certainty on future electricity costs, with fixed prices for an agreed period.

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