We start by understanding your needs, taking into account your business operations and financial requirements. We then do the groundwork to understand what’s feasible, and then develop a detailed project plan, including finance options.

Once you’re confident that you want to proceed, we manage procurement and project delivery, making sure your interests are protected throughout. When the project is complete, we ensure it delivers the expected results.

1 - Opportunity identifications

Understanding goals

Energy analysis

Identify best options

Quantify the return

Build business case

Discuss priorities

2 - Design, scope and feasibility

Site inspections

Reference design


Savings validation

Investment case

Network engagement

Design and scope

3 - Detailed development

Engineering and specifications

Network approvals

Sourcing, procuring and contracting


Quality assurance

Risk management

4 - Project delivery

Project management

On-site QA & QC

Stakeholder management

Installation scheduling

Contract management



5 - Energy services

Asset management

Operation of embedded networks and microgrids

Demand management and response

Power Purchase Agreements (storage and solar)



We work in partnership with the customer to get the right outcome (transparency, open book)

Exclusive partnership with Westpac

Performance insight via accredited equipment and contractors

A national platform multi-site, multi-state projects

Focused on long term performance and value

Highly experienced team

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