NSW Ports reduces tonnes of CO2-emissions through Rooftop Solar

Verdia has now completed the delivery of 180kW of solar on the rooftop of North Side Fine Foods at the Enfield Intermodal Terminal.

Verdia conducted a detailed feasibility study with NSW Ports to identify opportunities for solar PV installation on the rooftops of sites occupied by tenants. The solar PV systems generate renewable, onsite electricity for the tenant’s use.

The solar system for North Side Fine Foods includes more than 500 solar panels. The rooftop solar will decrease NSW Ports’s annual carbon footprint by an estimated annual reduction of more than 200 tonnes of CO2-emissions, the equivalent of taking 120 cars off Australian roads or burning almost 90,000 litres of petrol each year.

With the increase of wholesale electricity prices by up to 163% since FY15, there has never been a smarter time to invest in onsite electricity generation.

Chief Executive Officer at Verdia, Mr Paul Peters said that the system would help NSW Ports increase business sustainability by generating zero-carbon electricity.

“Australia has made the commitment to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. Businesses are much more ambitious than that. Verdia is working with multiple high-profile clients to achieve 24/7 carbon free power supply. So far, Verdia has helped more than 100 clients and done work on over 300 sites to support businesses moving closer to their sustainability goals, and we are proud that NSW Ports is one of them,” Mr Peters said.

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