Increased Instant Asset Write-offs and Monthly Fees Waived

As of March 2020, the Australian Government increased the instant asset write-off from $30,000 to $150,000, which means that businesses have the opportunity to purchase solar PV systems with a number of extra financial benefits.

Verdia’s Asset Finance team can structure funding facilities so that our clients do not have to make any finance payments until 3 months after the completion of a solar project.

How vast is the difference between quotes made after the asset write-off increase as opposed to before?

The table below shows an example of a 99 kilowatt solar project quoted in January 2020 compared to a more recent quote in March 2020:

For more information on how the increase to instant asset write-offs can help your business, please refer to this fact sheet issued by the Australian Government.

If you would like to learn more by speaking to one of our asset finance experts, please contact Simon Drumm or read more about our Asset Finance.

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