Increase Resilience

Reliability of power supply is a real and growing concern for many large organisations and businesses. Greater reliability and increased resilience will be an essential part of your energy transformation.

Ensure Security of Supply

An aging electricity grid or bad weather can cause power outages and interrupt business operations. By generating energy onsite, our clients can ensure security of supply by relying on our energy solutions as opposed to the grid.

Verdia’s Energy as a Service can help ‘future-proof’ your operations and overcome challenges like severe weather events, extreme temperatures, global crises, value chain disruption, and fluctuating power supply and price.

With our Energy as a Service agreement, you don’t need to invest your own capital upfront. We shift the responsibility of financing, owning, installing and operating energy for your organisation to Verdia through a long-term agreement.

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Resilience with Energy Storage

Combining solar with Energy Storage is a game-changer for businesses looking to increase energy resilience. Storage can be a great way to ensure you use all the renewable energy you generate (reducing spill) and have an independent supply of energy whenever you need it.

Upgrading infrastructure through investment in new energy opportunities and distributed energy resources (DERs) — like Energy Storage and Microgrids, — can further the development of corporate assets that are efficient, agile, and reliable.

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