Energy as a Service & PPA

Energy as a Service and Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) help corporate, industrial, government and infrastructure clients achieve net-zero emissions targets, energy savings, and increase resilience without any upfront cost.

Achieve your energy goals with energy as a service

An Energy as a Service agreement or PPA allows Verdia to develop, deliver, own, operate and maintain a range of distributed energy assets for clients without upfront capital investment. These agreements offer the benefits of renewable energy without requiring you to invest in a new system yourself. They are essentially a form of financing that can provide electricity cost certainty, immediate cost savings and protection against future electricity price increases.

How It Works

For clients who do not wish to invest CapEx upfront or take on long-term operational risks, Verdia’s Energy as a Service and PPA shifts the responsibility of development, delivery, financing, owning, and operating energy from your organisation to experienced asset owner Verdia through a long-term agreement.

We also provide development, delivery and asset management services to clients who want to invest their own capital in distributed energy projects.


Products & Services


Onsite Solar / Battery Storage


Microgrid / Virtual Power Plant


Sustainable Transport


Client Benefits

Zero-Capex Solution

Verdia takes on all operational / performance risks

No ongoing maintenance costs for client

Long-term price certainty for a portion of site load (hedge)

Future flexibility for storage and other distributed assets to be incorporated at no capital cost


Onsite Solar & Energy Storage

Accelerating the transition to a renewable energy economy.

Onsite Solar PV and Energy Storage offer a variety of financial, environmental and operational benefits. While energy prices have risen over the past five years, solar technology is more competitive than ever due to increased demand and resulting economies of scale in production.

Combining solar with battery storage is a game-changer for businesses looking to increase energy resilience.

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Microgrid & Virtual Power Plant

Increasing security of your energy supply.

Population growth, urbanisation and the demands of the digital age have impacted the reliability of the traditional electricity grid.

Microgrids operate autonomously from the grid which means that your business can stay powered-up with energy even when the traditional grid is out of action.

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Sustainable Transport & Electric Buses

Accelerating the transition to cleaner transport solutions.

Sustainable Transport provides better air quality, lower noise pollution and reduces our reliance on fossil fuels. Increasing the uptake of sustainable transport supports Australia in achieving its international emissions targets.

Electric bus fleets require an optimised charging infrastructure. Verdia can provide a comprehensive Sustainable Transport solution that mitigates risk with no need for upfront payment.

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Asset Management

Ensuring your asset delivers results.

To ensure your asset operates effectively and safely over its lifetime, Verdia offers a monitoring and maintenance program that is underpinned by active generation data analysis.

Our ongoing service will ensure your asset meets your performance expectations and delivers the returns you should be getting.

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Development Advisory

Your trusted energy services partner.

If you want to reduce energy costs, deliver on net zero commitments or incorporate distributed energy assets into your new developments, we can help.

If you need support to determine energy project priorities across portfolio, detailed project commercial and technical feasibility, design and engineering, consideration and planning for new distributed energy technologies, we can assist.

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