Development Advisory

If you’re thinking about reducing your energy costs, being more sustainable or wanting to incorporate distributed energy assets into your developments, we can help. There are many options to choose from, hoops to jump through or commercial arrangements to understand, and it can often be a challenge working out where to start.

How We Work

We start by understanding your needs, taking into account your business operations and financial requirements. We then do the groundwork to understand what is feasible, and then develop a detailed project plan, including financing options and unique commercial models.

Portfolio assessment to identify and priorities potential projects and opportunities

Review of potential funding / commercial models for behind-the-meter energy assets (e.g. project development finance, lease incentive, lease addendum, Verdia PPA, Energy as a Service, bank finance, etc.)

Outline of alternate/additional renewable energy sources (e.g. Corporate PPA, green energy purchasing, etc.) and their interaction with onsite energy assets

Outline of embedded network business model and use-cases including the role of behind-the-meter assets (e.g. solar)

Feasibility study and implementation support for the establishment of embedded networks

Overcoming split incentives between landlords and tenants including tenant involvement, preferences, and concessions

Operation and revenue models for on-site energy assets

Assessing flexibility and optionality across large multi-site programs

Identification and review of emerging energy technologies (e.g. EV charging infrastructure, energy storage, virtual power plants, virtual net metering, microgrids etc.)

Advice on valuing future revenues and cash flows

Start a Conversation with us

If you are unsure where to start, get in touch with our team to find out how we can assist you to move forward and start your journey towards cheaper, more reliable and more sustainable energy for you and/or your tenants.

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