Deliver Energy Savings

We help our clients save energy and deliver financial benefits such as long-term cost and energy savings and increased asset value through tenancy agreements, property sustainability ratings, and the leveraging of assets to monetise additional revenue through market participation.

Reduce Energy Costs

Verdia has helped numerous corporate and government clients to develop and deliver projects that create value, reduce costs and deliver financial results.

Renewable energy has long-term financial benefits. By reducing your reliance on electricity from the grid, you can save on your energy bills and avoid the unpredictability of electricity prices.

We can even help you manage the assets after the project is complete and ensure you continue to realise the expected savings.

$1.3million estimated annual energy cost savings

$3.1 million over the expected 20+-year life of the systems

$5.6 million energy savings over the working life of the systems

Optimise Value of Assets

Our Onsite Solar, Microgrids and Energy as a Service help our clients to leverage assets to monetise and maximise the value of on-site energy assets.

We can help you upgrade critical infrastructure without capital outlay to enhance competitiveness, increase building sustainability ratings and optimise assets through energy storage, EV chargers and any other flexible assets.

Renewable energy and Energy as a Service projects have also helped our clients reduce their dependence on the grid, helping to cut offsite energy consumption and decrease costs. 

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No upfront Investment, Less Risk

Our Energy as a Service and energy infrastructure projects have helped many large corporate & government clients deliver energy savings, create financial benefits and make significant reductions to their electricity bills without any upfront investment. 

For clients who do not wish to invest in CapEx, we can shift the responsibility of financing, owning, installing and operating energy for your organisation to Verdia through a long-term contractual agreement.

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Verdia can help you determine the feasibility of commercial Solar PV and/or Energy Storage for your organisation and develop the business case for investment. Once approved, we can design and deliver your project to ensure you achieve your energy savings goals.

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